Terms of Service

1. Minimum booking time
Bookings are a minimum of 3 hours for a single shift. This means that even if a booking runs for less than 3 hours, or the client requests the carer leave before 3 hours is reached, that the full 3 hours is paid for.

2. Adhering to booking times
Carers are offered a shift and they either accept or decline at their discretion. For this reason, all booking times must be adhered to. Eg. If a carer is booked for 5 hours then they are to be paid for the entire 5 hours, even if the client requests they leave early. If the booking time runs over then the client will be charged accordingly at the rates that are applicable for that time of day/night (we don’t charge an additional charge for overtime).

3. Cancellation policy
When carers accept a booking they set aside that time in their week exclusively for you as a client. For this reason, the carer is entitled to be paid for the hours they have set aside if care is cancelled at the last minute by you. Cancellation fees are as follows:

Within 24 hours of booking start time: 75% of total fee

Within 48 hours of booking: 50% of total fee

Within 72 hours of booking: 25% of total fee

“Total fee” means the hours requested for the booking multiplied by the agreed hourly rate for the booking. These fees may be waived at the discretion of management if the carer is able to find suitable replacement work that is equal to or greater than the amount of hours that were set aside for the original booking.
If a carer cancels care you are not required to pay them any fee. In this instance, Mummymetime will endeavour to find a suitable replacement carer.

4. Illness
To protect the health and wellbeing of our carers and other children we look after (some immunocompromised), care can not be provided if your child is showing signs of illness. If a carer attends your home and a child is showing signs of illness, the carer will not be able to stay and the full fee for the shift will apply. If your child is found to be contagious, a clearance certificate will be required for the carer to return to the home. If a child becomes unwell while a carer is present they will contact you and request you return as soon as possible.

5. Client holidays/extended pause of care
If you are needing to pause care for an extended period of time (eg family holiday, school holidays), fees will apply if you wish to ensure the continuity of your regular carer when you return. To guarantee their return to your family, you will be required to pay them for the usual amount of hours they would work for your family in a week for the duration of time you are away. Eg. If a carer usually works 15 hours per week for your family and you pause care for 2 weeks, you will be required to pay them for 30 hours if you would like to ensure they come back to your family on your return. These fees may be waived at the discretion of management if the carer is able to find suitable replacement work that is equal to or greater than the amount of hours they usually work for your family.

6. Pricing
Pricing is available on our website. Surcharges may apply for more than 4 children, late night or early morning bookings, weekends and public holidays.

7. Reimbursement of costs
If a carer pays for activities, parking, food or any other product or service our of their own pocket, the client must reimburse them for those costs privately prior to the carer leaving the booking. Mummymetime does not facilitate the reimbursement of any sundry items.

8. Transporting children
If a carer transports children using their own car, a travel charge of 80c per kilometre will be added to the booking. This travel charge does not apply if the carer is using the clients car. Carers must have the clients permission to transport children in either their own car or the clients car and if a child seat is required then one must be fitted correctly and used. Carers will not transport children if a suitable car seat isn’t available if needed.

9. Complaints/Refund policy
We strive to provide the best babysitting and nanny service in the area. If for any reason you feel that a suitable service wasn’t provided please contact Leanne at Mummymetime on 0415402133 or at [email protected]. Mummymetime will listen to any complaint a client has and investigate accordingly. Should Mummymetime agree that the service received was not acceptable, a partial or full refund will be discussed.