Government Accredited In Home Care Service

To find out if you’re eligible for Government Subsidised In Home Care please contact the NSW In-Home Care Support Agency on:
P: 1800 442 273, email [email protected] or contact your local Centrelink office.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility for Childcare Subsidy and meet the criteria for In-Home Care, contact [email protected] with your reference details to request a booking.

There is a one off registration fee payable prior to the service commencing of $300. This is non-refundable and covers insurance an administration fees. We provide public liability insurance.

Daily booking fees are between $35-$50 per day depending on hours needed.

Hourly Carer fee is as follows:
1 child $30/hr
2 children $30/hr
3 children $32/hr
4 children $35 per hour

Mummymetime‘s fee structure includes:
Child care subsidy: Basic requirements that must be satisfied for an individual to be eligible to receive In Home Care and the Childcare Subsidy is not determined by Mummymetime. Contact the In-Home Care Support Agency at [email protected] or Centrelink for more information.

Payment of fees
– All fees must be set up and paid to Mummymetime via EFT
– Families will be issued with a fee statement on a weekly basis in accordance with the fee payment and Regulatory requirements.
– A dishonour fee will apply for direct debit transactions where there are insufficient funds to cover the fees.
– Fees must be kept in advance of an educators attendance
– It is a requirement that the family pay in advance and are not in arrears.
– Fees are charged according to how many days and how many children are in care

Financial Difficulties
If a family is experiencing financial difficulties, a suitable payment plan may be arranged with authorisation of Mummymetime Management.

Failure to Pay
If a family fails to pay the required fees on time, a reminder letter will be issued after one week and then again after two weeks, where the fees are still outstanding. A child’s position will be terminated if payment has not been made after the three weeks, to which the family will receive a final letter terminating the child’s position. At this time the Service will initiate its debt collection procedure, following privacy and conditional requirements.

Change of Fees
Fees are subject to change at any time provided a minimum of four weeks written notice is given to all families

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