Meet Some of Our Team

At Mummymetime we’re proud of our team of experienced, professional and dedicated carers. From Grandmothers with decades of experience in Early Childhood Education to Teaching students, Mummymetime provides the highest quality of care for babies and children of all ages.

Vanessa has a Diploma in childcare and has travelled overseas teaching English. Fluent in Greek, Vanessa is a mature, patient and confident Carer who looks after children of all ages.
Mandi is a Learning support officer and Mothercraft nurse who is a valuable member of our team, supporting families and caring for children at night and during weekends. With specialist skills, a love of working with children and a beautiful soft & calm nature, Mandi is one of our long term highly qualified and regarded carers.
Eli is a fully qualified Registered Nurse who has been with Mummymetime from the start. Eli works in one of Sydney’s Childrens Hospital in the Oncology Dpt and has a heart of gold. Eli is part of our casual carers team at Mummymetime.
A Mum of two, Rhonda has been working with children for over 25 years. Warm, funny, loving, playful & disciplined, children adore her and so do parents. Rhonda is highly sought after by many parents and is a natural with children of all ages.
Steph is currently studying to be a high school teacher and is also a qualified swim teacher. With diverse experience with children who have special needs Stephanie is part of our NDIS & Mummymetime team

Lisa is a qualified Educator with a passion for helping young people learn. Lisa is a Support teacher and has extensive experience with special needs children & also volunteers at Cronulla Crays within their disability inclusion program 'Blue Fins’ .

Lexie is Studying her Bachelor of Primary Education after a number of years teaching sport to young children. With strong organisational skills with learn from play Lexie has incredible patience and understanding to build confidence from early intervention strategies
Kayla is a qualified Educator who's love of children shows. With extensive experience within Performing Arts singing and Drama, Kayla is loved by children of all ages.
Olivia is one of our lovely Childcare Educators. Olivia is a Qualified Educator who has also finished a Bachelor of Stage and Screen in Acting. Olivia is a warm and bubbly carer with a passion for caring for children.

Dani is a Fully Qualified Primary School teacher with formal training in many areas including special needs. Part of our InHome Care, NDIC and DCJ teams, Dani is a valued member of our Mummymetime teams. 

Julie is a mother of two who has spent her life helping families in difficult situations. Her quiet caring attitude & natural warmth is loved by many of our new mums and her experience with children shows. Julie is loved by babies and young children and is a great support for their parents and families.
Diana is a long term Educator with experience in Auslan and helping students with special needs in many ways. With a wealth of information to help the diverse needs for children with those special needs as well as extensive experience with preschool children Diana is a great asset to our IHC and NDIS families.
Meet Alice! A qualified Nurse and experienced swim instructor, Alice has a passion for children’s care. With a patience and understanding that comes with both professions, Alice has been a valued member of the Mummymetime family for the past three years and is loved by children of all ages and their parents.

Cibelle is a Diploma trained educator and a mum herself. She has over 25 years experience and is confident with all ages (she has a soft spot for newborns). She has a gentle and calm nature that children gravitate towards.


Antonia is in her 4th year of studying Medicine. With the drive that is needed to further her career to be a neurosurgeon Antonia brings dedication and positivity to everything she does. Her hobbies include fishing, camping and anything outdoors. Antonia is part of our NDIS and Mummymetime family.


Meet Keisha! Keisha is a qualified childcare educator who is furthering her career at uni to become a birth to yr 6 educator. Great with children of all ages, Keisha is part of our In Home Care and Mummymetime Team


Abbey is a qualified childcare and qualified Special needs carer. With a very happy, outgoing and caring personality Abbey is a valued member of our team across all aspects of Mummymetime services

Teri has years of experience helping vulnerable families and brings a wealth of knowledge and care to every family she helps. As a mum and grandmother herself Teri understands the needs of children. Teri also has extensive experience with special needs.
Jeanie is a fully qualified teacher with a masters in Education. As a mother herself and someone who has guided many children through their school years Jeanie has a calming nature that comes from her nurturing background. As a active member of Surf lifesaving as well Jeanie has a love of sport and fitness.

Ella is one of our qualified Childcare workers. Bubbly with a happy attitude to life Ella supports families through In Home Care, NDIS & Mummymetime.


Ness is one of our amazing Educators who works in all aspects of Mummymetime . As a Mum herself, Ness knows exactly how to help young mums as well as care for children.

Emily (Em)

Emily (Em) is a qualified nurse who is now setting her goals on being a primary school teacher. With experience as a Student Learning Support Teacher as well as working as a Disability Support worker Emily has a wealth of experience which also includes running a vacation care & OOSH. Emily is a valued member of our In Home Care & NDIS teams.


Andrea is a Paediatric OT with years' of experience with all ages of children. Travelled extensively overseas working and learning to enhance her knowledge. A fantastic addition to our team.

Emily is a qualified Nurse who works casually for Mummymetime. Emily has an extensive knowledge of Special Needs and is also part of our NDIS team

Carla is a qualified Childcare Educator. Previously with Mummymetime, Carla is also a qualified Florist and also has a diploma in Interior Design & Decorating. With a passion for all things art & Craftwork Carla brings patience and understanding from also being a mum of 4 children. We are happy to have Carla back with Mummymetime & In Home Childcare!

Always smiling, Jess is a much loved member of our team. With a Bachelor and Post grad diploma in Psychology, Jess is about to finish her Masters of Applied Behaviour Analysis in mid 2021 and has a natural affinity with children. Jess has experience with children of all ages and also knows sign language!

Meet Mia! Mia is a nurse who shows dedication and care for all our Mummymetime families. With experience from newborn onwards Mia is a lovely addition and a great support for our new mums.

Meet Erin! Erin is a diploma trained educator who has extensive experience with children from 0-12. A Eucharistic minister for one of our local parishes, Erin is a warm and responsible Carer who loves working with children. Loved by children and their parents, Erin is a welcome addition to the Mummymetime family.

Rachel is a qualified Nurse with children of her own, and a valued member of the Mummymetime team


Paris is a hardworking Nurse who loves caring for children. Great with all ages, Paris has a gift for working with newborns and babies.

Grace is a highly creative Primary Student Teacher. With a bubbly, warm nature, Grace loves great cooking and is part of our In Home Care and Mummymetime teams.

Jessica is a qualified primary school teacher who has extensive experience with children of all ages. She adores children and has worked as a babysitter for 13 years and has also had experience in an OOSH setting and at a creche. 


A qualified Educator, Rachel has intensive experience with entertaining children and has a passion for helping through volunteering with a number of Sutherland Shire’s charities. Recently Rachel has worked in the USA at Summer camps to further broaden her experience.

Becoming a MummyMeTime Carer

Thinking of becoming a Nanny, Babysitter or In-Home Educator? We are always looking for experienced Carers to join our team of Nannies, Babysitters and In Home Childcare specialists in the Sutherland Shire, St George and the Illawarra! If you have experience in the Childcare Industry or are studying or have qualifications in Education, Medical or Allied Health and love working with children, we’d love to hear from you!

Mummymetime Carers must be over 20 years of age, require a working with children check and a First Aid certificate or equivalent. Above all, carers should not only have experience working with children but have a passion for it.

Mummymetime carers enjoy our team culture, working together to provide the very best child care in Australia.

Carer Application

  • Please your CV along with copies of the Certificates from above through to [email protected]