Mummymetime provides experienced, qualified Childcare when you need it!

All of our Carers are qualified in Early Childhood, Education or have Allied Health or Medical training, and they each love Caring for children. We pride ourselves on providing passionate, considerate professionals for the most important people in your life.

Mummymetime supports families in 3 ways:

1. We are a NSW & Commonwealth Government Approved In Home Care Childcare Provider

We provide rebated childcare by a qualified educator in your home across the Sutherland Shire and St George areas. What does that mean? It means we can provide rebated childcare by a qualified educator in your home. Rebated In Home Childcare is subject to eligibility and may be utilised in many different situations. Examples include:

  • Families with parents/guardians who work non-standard hours such as Health Care workers and Emergency Care workers
  • If children are constantly sick attending regular childcare or if children are immune-compromised in any way
  • If a parent, guardian or sibling is experiencing illness themselves which affects their ability to care for themselves and their children.

This is just a snapshot of situations we see, but any family who is experiencing extraordinary circumstances may be eligible. To find out if you are eligible please call the NSW In Home Care Support Agency on 1800 442 273 or click here to find out more. Read More

2. We can support families with NDIS funding

At Mummymetime we care for many children with special or additional needs and we have specially trained carers with experience in this highly specialised field. Eligible families can utilise their NDIS funding to pay for a qualified and experienced carer in your home. Read More

3. We provide private regular & casual Babysitters and Nannies including overnight care and Pregnancy Teams

Our qualified Carers spend quality time with your children, take them to activities and provide help with homework, reading and school projects. They will help with meal time, bath time and bed time and ensure your child is getting the physical and mental stimulation they need. While your little ones are napping they can also help with domestic duties such as preparing dinner for the family, putting washing on the line and tidying up the toy room. We care for your children and make your family’s life that little bit easier.

What is Pregnancy Care? We can provide a team of Carers to be on-call for your family, ready for when you go into labour. We ensure that the team is available around the time of your due date so they are ready to help any time of day, 24/7. Their phones are on at all times so if they get the call at 3am they will answer. Read More

To find out how a Mummymetime Carer could care for your family, call Leanne on 0415 402 133 between 8am and 5:30pm, or get in touch.

Still have questions?

Call us on 0415 402 133 between 8am and 5:30pm or use the “Request a booking” form and we will get back to you.