5 Reasons Why Every Family Needs a Nanny

At MummyMeTime we love supporting families right across the Sutherland Shire – but having a Nanny is so much more than ongoing babysitting, we’re here to make your life easier in so many ways. Not convinced? Here are my top 5 Reasons why Every Family needs a Nanny:

1. One of the most frustrating things about childcare is that life is thrown into chaos when your little one is sick – which can be frequent! Hiring a Nanny (or Carer, which is more apt), means that you can continue to meet your work commitments, your child receives high quality one on one care and you don’t have to pay for childcare at a day care centre or preschool that you can’t use.

2. Instead of juggling kids between friends, family, neighbours or after school care, having a regular Carer creates stability within your family. It allows your child to keep their established routines at home and continue their favourite activities. As your Carer gets to know your children and routines, it creates a real sense of trust and support, without the long days that can come with out of home care as you work, or the child feeling institutionalised.

3. Every family has busy periods, whether driven by work, big events or special occasions, having your own Carer is the perfect way to have extra support when you need it. Your life will be calmer & your children will be happier when you’re not hustling to get them out the door or racing against the clock to get there before pick up time – you can set hours that work for you and your children. We specialise in providing Carers for shift workers, emergency care workers and families with special needs, providing Carers around the clock at the times that you need help.

4. Unlike after school care or babysitting, our Carers help with homework, do readers, practice music & take your children to after school activities. This one-on-one care not only makes your child feel supported but you’ll see the results at school and at home… and even better, you don’t have to race home to do readers or homework at the end of a busy day!

5. Often my clients are surprised at how much our Carers help around the house. While your children are asleep they clean and tidy as well as preparing meals & cleaning up after them, getting your washing in. Having a Carer means you come home to happy kids AND a clean home.

To find out how a Carer could support you and your family, call Leanne at MummyMeTime today on 0415 402 133.  All of our Carers are highly Experienced and Qualified with training in Early Childhood, Education or Medical Professions so your children are always in safe hands