Sharing Nanny Carers – an affordable way to have a Carer

The owner of Mummymetime meets with each and every family requiring a Carer, to ensure a successful match is made. In doing so, she’s also learned of the increasing need for a Shared Carer option, as the cost of living goes up each year.

Sharing Carers is a fantastic way to have all the benefits of a Carer, but at less cost.

We offer 2 ways of Sharing Carers:
Buddy Up – You and a friend together want us to find you a trusted Carer for your families.
Seek and Find – We will seek another like minded family for you to join up with, and we will find you a Carer perfectly suited to both your families.

The ideal Shared Carer scenario that we strive for involves families with a lot in common and children around the same age.

Our Nanny Share fee for an experienced Carer is $35 for two children (that’s just $17.50 per hour for each family). This covers all insurance including workers compensation & liability for your peace of mind.

We understand that you’re busy and things can change so we only charge a fee when a booking is taken & if you need to cancel that fee is waived. Our Carers do light cleaning duties including cooking so you come home to happy children & a clean house.

To protect immunocompromised families, premmies and other children we care for, at Mummytime we don’t look after children who have a temperature or are unwell with a viral illness. If your child is sick then please contact us well in advance of your booking.

There is also a $350 one off fee (just $175 for each family) to join Mummymetime. This covers your child from newborn until age 15 so you only have to pay it once!

Call us on 0415 402 133 between 8am and 5:30pm or use the “Request a booking” form and we will get back to you.