Nannyshare – an affordable way to have a nanny

The owner of Mummymetime meets with each and every family requiring a nanny, to ensure a successful match is made. In doing so, she’s also learned of the increasing need for a Nannyshare option, as the cost of living goes up each year.

Nannyshare is a fantastic way to have all the benefits of a nanny, but at less cost.

We offer 2 ways of doing Nannyshare:
Buddy Up – You and a friend together want us to find you a trusted nanny for your families.
Seek and Find – We will seek another like minded family for you to join up with, and we will find you a nanny perfectly suited to both your families.

The ideal Nannyshare scenario that we strive for involves families with a lot in common and children around the same age.

Our Nanny Share fee for an experienced Carer is $32 for two children (that’s just $16 per hour for each family). This covers all insurance including workers compensation & liability for your peace of mind.

We understand that you’re busy and things can change so we only charge a fee when a booking is taken & if you need to cancel that fee is waived. We also care for your sick children so you never need to worry – your child will always be cared for and you won’t be stuck without Care. Our Nannies do light cleaning duties including cooking so you come home to happy children & a clean house.

A finding fee of $250 (just $125 per family) is charged to commence search to ensure the right nanny is found to suit your family with ease – this covers your child from newborn until age 15 so you only have to pay it once!

In engaging a MummyMeTime carer you may also be eligible to receive a Child Care Benefit. For more information click here.

Call us on 0415 402 133 or use the “Request a booking” form and we will get back to you.