Meet Some of Our Team

At MummyMeTime we’re proud of our team of experienced, professional and dedicated carers. From Grandmothers with decades of experience in Early Childhood Education to Teaching students, MummyMeTime provides the highest quality of care for babies and children of all ages.

Shanni has dedicated her career to providing outstanding care for children with mental and physical disabilities & special needs. With Childcare Service and Disability Service qualifications, Shanni has over 12 years’ experience caring for children from infants to teens, and is a Godsend for families that require specialised care & support.
Kate is a fully qualified primary teacher who has dedicated her career to caring for children. A specialist literacy teacher for learning difficulties, Kate has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in psychology and is qualified in drama and public speaking. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to give to your child one on one, any family would be lucky to have her!
Having worked as a teacher’s aide for NSW Department of Education & assisted special needs children, Harry provides a high level of care. A sporty, easygoing person with experience in injury management, nutrition & psychology, Harry is confident in supporting children with high physical needs or recovering from injury and is currently studying a postgraduate physiotherapy degree.
Lauren is a qualified Registered Nurse with over 12 years’ experience working in Paediatrics & Maternity. Highly skilled in caring for children of all ages, Lauren has provided special care nursing for toddlers and infants & loves working with children. With a warm, caring approach that children respond to, Lauren is loved by children and their parents.
A Mum of two, Rhonda has been working with children for over 25 years. Warm, funny, loving, playful & disciplined, children adore her and so do parents. Rhonda is highly sought after by many parents and is a natural with children of all ages.
Leanne is a qualified childcare worker with over 20 years’ experience. Like the founder of MummyMeTime who bears the same name, this Leanne is a mother of 2, who loves working with children. Leanne is very gentle and caring with a no-fuss, easy going approach & enjoys painting, reading and home decorating in her free time.
Jess is a qualified & dedicated Childhood teacher with over 10 years’ experience. Enthusiastic, caring, creative and with an extensive knowledge of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Jess is highly organised and is trained in speech development, childrens’ health & Safety.
Ning is currently studying to be a Maths High School teacher & tutors maths in her spare time. A Unit Leader for the past 2 years in Girl guides Australia, Ning is very mature with great organisational skills & a passion for making people smile. Ning has experience with young babies & large families and is a member of our pregnancy support team.
Kathy worked in Childcare before having 3 beautiful children herself & has always been the go-to Mum for family and friends when needed. Now with 4 grandchildren, Kathy has years of experience with children of all ages and is loved by children and parents alike.
Jenna is a highly experienced nanny who has sole care for a 1 year old as well as providing before and after school care for primary school children across the week. Studying a Bachelor Social Sciences (Psychology) and with a Bachelor of Commerce, Jenna was dux in Industrial Technology & Religion and tutors students around her commitments. With a warm, approachable nature Jenna is a natural with children of all ages.
With a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Birth to 12) and a Masters in Educational Leadership, Angelica is a highly trained and qualified Carer. Her objective is to use her childhood teaching and educational leadership qualifications in a dedicated & passionate manner that contributes to the intellectual, social-emotional & physical development of children in the early years. A true professional, Angelica works weekends and evenings as a nanny and babysitter
Studying a dual degree at Sydney in Bachelor of Secondary Education ( Humanities & Social Sciences / Bachelor Arts in English / History), Eden was the captain of Sylvania High School and tutors English. Highly responsible and with a love of children, Eden has the Premiers Diamond Award for community Volunteering, was part of the UOW Elevate Young Leaders Forum and a Sea Cubs and Scouts Patrol Leader. Loved by every family who meets her, Eden is a true delight and an exceptional nanny.
Madeline is a fully trained Childcare worker with a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care & 7 years' experience. A full-time room leader up until just recently, Madeline is up to date with the present -day development needed for 0-5 year olds and currently nannies for for two families from 5 mths to 4 years of age. Brilliant with children of all ages, Madeline teaches basic French & Sign Language and is loved by children and their parents.
Lily is a qualified Childcare worker who has dedicated her Career to working with children and supporting families. Adored by the families she works with, Lily has a caring & mature disposition beyond her years. Her warmth, childcare qualifications & experience combined with a sense of fun make her a hit with children of all ages - and their parents.
Natalie is a Qualified Teacher specialising in Arts and English Literature. On top of these qualifications and her teaching experience, Natalie is a Gymnastics coach and has also worked with underprivileged children using Art Therapy. As a Mum herself of a young child, Natalie has great understanding of children on all levels and is available evenings and weekends.
Sarah has completed Bachelor of Arts majoring psychology & is currently studying master of Teaching in Primary Education. Holder of the Duke Edinburgh award bronze silver & gold, Sarah has also volunteered in overseas project for disadvantaged children. A leader for Youth Matter, Sarah is calm, caring and motivated and loves caring for children of all ages.
Madeline a qualified motivated physical educator currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics . Bubbly, proactive and dedicated to children’s well being, Madeline is full of energy and loves caring for children of all ages. With her warm approach & physical education background, Madeline is a hit with children, and their parents.
A qualified childcare worker, Vanessa is a natural with children & children love her! Mature & down to earth, Vanessa loves cooking & cleaning and comes from a European background where family is everything. With a warm and caring approach Vanessa is great with children of all ages from babies to teens. Vanessa is currently on leave and we look forward to welcoming her back to our team on her return.

Becoming a MummyMeTime Carer

We are always looking for experienced carers to join our team! MummyMeTime carers require a working with children check and a First Aid certificate or equivalent. Above all, carers should not only have experience working with children but have a passion for it.

All carers must be over 20 years of age. All carers are covered by workers compensation and public liability by MummyMeTime so you don’t need to worry about the legalities.

MummyMeTime carers enjoy our team culture, working together to provide the very best child care in Australia.

Carer Application

  • Please your CV along with copies of the Certificates from above through to